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  • Marianna Goliasowa

Newborn & taste buds!

🍼💕👶An amazing FACT!

Yes, that’s correct! Newborns actually have more taste buds than adults do. While adults have around 10,000 taste buds, newborns have approximately 30,000 taste buds. These taste buds are located not only on the tongue but also on the sides and roof of the mouth.

🍼Having more taste buds allows newborns to have a heightened sense of taste and sensitivity to different flavors. This sensitivity is thought to help newborns develop preferences for different tastes and flavors from an early age. It is believed that this early exposure to various tastes can influence their food preferences and eating habits later in life.

😀It’s fascinating to think about how newborns experience taste differently from adults due to their abundance of taste buds. This heightened sensitivity to taste gradually decreases as babies grow older, and the number of taste buds decreases as well.

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