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Hey Mama.....I 'm  Marianna!

I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Infant Care Specialist and a Mama.

As a European born, college grad and former international flight attendant, I know what it’s like to be sleep deprived.  As a mama, just like you, we're over the moon about our kids.  In my two decades working with children, I’ve learned that their sleep is the foundation of healthy well-being.  

I’ve been on an incredible journey that led me to where I am today.  

My ultimate goal was to work for the United Nations and help the world!

While I eventually went in another direction, it led me to my career as an international flight attendant allowing me the opportunity to see the world and help people at the same time!  The best of both worlds, right!  But it was my next adventure that was the most meaningful.


I became a mama and my daughter became my whole world.  And just like you, I know that everything revolves around our children, especially sleep! When my daughter was born, I initiated a sleep schedule founded on consistency and commitment to be the best mother I could possibly be, and we both thrived!  In the meantime, my mama friends were at the playground, hiding their tired eyes behind their sunglasses.  But I was having a blast playing with my daughter because I got a good night’s sleep!


Ultimately, I was able to share my holistic approach with my friends to help them find the way and the rest they desperately needed.  And now, no more tired mommies–only rested mommies!  


I love what I do and now let's get to know you!

"... I was having a blast playing with my daughter, because we both were Sleeping and Thriving and we could just Be!"


The Path to Your Sleep with Gimme Sleep.

Path to Your Sleep

Your bundle of joy is uniquely made, perfect creation that should be handled with the utmost care.

Here are the Gimme Sleep fundamentals that provide the structure and consistency parents and children need to Sleep, Thrive and Be.

These are my Core Beliefs:

  • A holistic approach to sleep training is best for mother and child.

  • Balancing crying and the child’s natural ability to self-sooth is essential.

  • “Crying it out” without parent intervention is NOT an effective sleep training.

  • My process, which allows for healthy gradual exit of the parent.

  • Healthy mind- Positive motivation-Organic green diet 

  • No screens at sunset or sunrise is a great combo.

Sleeping Newborn
My Philosophy

My Philosophy

My European upbringing instilled in me a holistic approach.

I firmly believe that finding the root of the problem is necessary to finding the solution to an appropriate sleep training method.

With this approach I have been able to help mamas, and their little ones thrive.  I can’t guarantee there won’t be challenging times.  Your bundle of joy may shed a perfectly healthy tear, but

I am confident that if you are ready and committed you'll get the results you desire.

As a Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach and a Newborn Care Specialist with credentials from Credit Coach Academy, I combine my life experience with my education to help you

Sleep, Thrive, and Be!

Why Gimme Sleep?

Why Gimme Sleep?

Just like any other training, sleep training is a commitment.

It is no different than training for a healthy body. You can’t afford to spend hours scrolling the internet in the middle of the night trying to mix and match methods. Your bundle of joy needs to sleep and so do you!


If you wanted to get a toned, beach body now, we all know you would see results much faster by hiring a personal trainer.  Let's face it, YouTubing tutorials and exercise videos is not as effective as you thought.  


If you were to go the Youtube route, you would get frustrated, exhausted, and no closer to your fitness goals.  You would then decide to get serious and invest in a personal trainer. The structure, accountability, and education the trainer provides helps you begin seeing results immediately!  You don't stop there. No! You don’t put in that type of work to waste it on pizza and ice cream. You stay consistent with a healthy diet of salads and whole foods to keep in shape and build good habits.

Hey Mama, it's never too early or too late to start sleep training.  Let's get sleep-fit together!

How it works

The Gimme Sleep Process

  1. Book a Free 15 minute Consultation Call. 

  2. Let's vent... talk challenges and struggles.

  3. Choosing the best approach and way forward.

  4. The uniquely created training plan (no more than 15 pages) will be your guide

  5. Coaching Call.

  6. Putting one foot before the other would be your next step.

  7. Staying committed and Sleep-fit.

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