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If this is the day you have reached your sleep deprivation breaking point than THIS is a place to be.  I am so glad you showed up!


The importance of SLEEP remains consistent among humans and EVERY living specie in this world and on this planet. Sleep is infinite always was always will be. One cannot sustain life without sleep running on sleep deprivation. So, regardless of species, insufficient sleep in infants and older children can lead to negative short or long term consequences. Irritability, difficulty feeding, weakened immune system, impaired cognitive performance, chronic health issues are just a few of them. It is crucial to prioritize creating supportive sleep environment and establishing healthy sleep habits and routine early in life to promote optimal development in little ones.

When your Child's sleep becomes one of the most essential activities among so many others, you can be certain their speech, memory, brain development, emotions, concentration abilities, immunity, and overall mental health is thriving and so are YOU.

 Gimme Sleep, understands "Sleep ISN'T one size fits ALL"

At gimme sleep you will find custom made sleep plans and one on one coaching.

Gimme Sleep offers  phenomenal expertise based on decades working with children, and have been successfully able to create a gentle comprehensive sleep routine for an infant as young as 6 weeks. 


Gimme Sleep offers  more than hand full of most gradual and gentle methods along with parental presence and gentle exit.

Some of these programs include:







Gimme Sleep ALWAYS gets to the root of the problem and will have you back on good night sleep  track in no time. Read our KIND WORDS.

Sleep Consulting Plans

Kind Words



"I have had an amazing experience working with Marianna on sleep training my baby. At 14 months old my son was still waking 3-4 times a night and would take very short naps. I am a first time mom and work full time and didn't have time to read long books about sleep training so I didn't know the small changes that needed to take place to help my son sleep through the night. Marianna quickly shared easy to implement changes in his routines, our house environment, and even his diet. I followed her advice exactly and within 3 days of starting her sleep training plan my son slept through the night for the first time in his life. Two weeks into the new routine and he has consistent long naps, sleeps 10-12 hours through the night and I have confidence and tools to tackle any sleep issues that pop up. My only regret is not calling her sooner. In addition to the personalized plan she created, Marianna also provided me daily support and encouragement and was never judgmental about how little I knew about my baby's sleep needs. I highly recommend her services."
Sleep Plans

Hire an Expert



0 - 3 Months

This package is suited for parents who just welcomed their new bundle of joy into their lives and believe in laying down a foundation for incredible sleep. Believe it or not, your newborn can become a sweet little sleeper.  Gimme Sleep has successfully created a gentle routine, a  sleep schedule for infants as young as 8 weeks old. This package is well crafted for parents who desire:

  • A sweet little sleeper

  • Are ready to start laying down a foundation

  • Would love to experience good night sleep 

  • Would like to implement healthy sleep habits and have whole family thriving


   What's included:

  • Nursery assessment 

  • Full intake 

  • Uniquely crafted Sleep Day/Night routine plan 

  • 30 min zoom training call

  • 1 week email support 

  • 3 check in phone calls 



This package is best suited for parents who  would like to be in charge of sleep training their child on their own with minimum need for support. 


  • You are confident you can do this on your own

  • You are experiencing regression

  • You have sleep trained your child already 


   What's included:

  • Nursery assessment and safety tips

  • Full intake

  • 1 Custom made plan along with step by step instructions on how to execute the training method selected particularly for your child.

  • 3 Follow up emails. 


This package is best suited for parents who are in need o

sleep training and needing additional personal sleep consultant support.

  • You are in need of sleep consultant to help you every step of the way

  • You will need support executing the sleep plan 

  • You have decided sleep deprivation isn't a way of life, and you are committed to sleep sleep training


   What's included:

  • Nursery assessment and safety tips

  • Full intake

  • Uniquely Crafted Sleep Plan, specifically for your child

  • 30 Min Zoom Training Call, explaining how to execute sleep training method.

  • 1 Month Email Support. 


This one is designed for parents who are in need navigating their child's sleep every step of the way. Parents in need of full on sleep training support. They are in need of many resources desire to succeed, reached their breaking point and are ready to have their family back on the track thriving. 


This package is the most popular!

  • You are in need of sleep consultant to help you every step of the way

  • You will need support executing the sleep plan 

  • You have decided sleep deprivation isn't a way of life, and you are committed and ready to sleep train


   What's included:

  • Nursery assessment and safety tips

  • Full intake

  • Full Sleep Consultant Support

  • 1 Virtual Zoom Training Session to navigate the Sleep Training Steps

  • 1 Follow-up Email

  • 3 Check-in Phone Calls

  • 1 Month of dedicated check-ins

Nursery Decor

Personal Touch

In-person sleep training is available only in the state of Rhode Island and upon request.  A package must be purchased prior to sleep training at home.


The hourly fee of $40 for daytime/nighttime sleep training will be additionally charged to the package price.   

Free Call

Did you know 

no one has more on their "TO - DO list than a toddler at bedtime?


Being a sleep deprived parent is overwhelming and a simple challenge it self. Life is a blur without sleep. I

f you are unsure which package to choose  schedule a free 15 minute discovery call and Gimme Sleep will help you picking the right one. 

Sleep is on its way!

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