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 Explore our ABUNDANCE of services here. 

Nursing Newborn

Gimme Sleep Newborn Care services are designed for postpartum mamas and families in need of newborn care, educational and emotional support on a daily basis.  We provide Daily/Overnight in home expertise and support with maximum care for your newborn bundle of joy.



Postpartum Doula

Having a postpartum team is as important as packing the hospital bag.  Coming home with your newborn and dealing with a forth trimester is often overwhelming. We don't always realize how much support, sleep, and care we might need adjusting to life with our  precious newborn. I can take care of you, so you can take care of your baby.

Life is BETTER with DOULA.

The Stars

Pediatric Sleep



Sleep is crucial. I need to sleep, you need to sleep, your partner, child, mother in law you name it, we ALL need to sleep. If you are currently effected by sleep deprivation or you have simply accepted it as a new way of life, your child is struggling, skipping naps, facing regression, breastfeeding on demand, you are rocking your brains out to rock  your bundle of joy to sleep

and reached a breaking point, than Gimme Sleep support is on its way!

Life is BETTER with SLEEP

Sleep Training at Home

Individual in Home sleep training  is available upon request. Add on fee for in home training is additional $35 per hour along with a sleep training package of your choice.


Meetings in person are available in the state of Rhode island within

a 30 mile radius from Newport for areas such as Jamestown, Newport, East Greenwich, Westerly, Watch hill and more.

Separate hourly add on charges will be applied upon request of these services.

*Insurance coverage available soon

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