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Postpartum Services

Building your postpartum team is just as important as packing your hospital bag, because, the Postpartum hormonal shift is the MOST intense and sudden hormonal swing any human will experience, It makes sense that this transition is TOUGH! So, Mama be kind to yourself, because the truth is Postpartum doesn't last 6 weeks. Actually,

It's called 4th trimester or "postpartum year" during this time, women may continue to experience many of physical changes, emotional adjustments and the challenges of adapting to their new roles as mothers.

If you let Doula take of you and your Newborn you will be able to take care for your family in the Best way possible. 

Motherhood is hard, it comes with lot of unexpected twists and turns, it did for me, anyway. So, Mama, when you hire a  Doula, she will become the set of helping hands and the most valuable member of your Postpartum team.  Having a Doula in early Postpartum days allows you to be more engaged in immersing yourself in the experience of bonding with your child. It allows you to heal in your own time and get the sleep and rest required to do so.


Check out my abundant services

  • Provide a listening ear, you can’t do your job without.

  • Understanding your new identity.

  • Support you while navigating your postpartum days.

  • Provide information about postpartum recovery.

  • Monitor postpartum depression.

  • Set up your medical appointments.

  • Debrief you before and after medical visits or appointments.

  • Offer referrals and resources.

  • Offer lactation support, and education.

  • Provide newborn care and education.

  • Provides time and space for mother’s rest 

And once you get hang of this thing  called Motherhood, take a trip, buy the shoes and eat the yumiest cake!

I take care of you, so you can take care of your baby.

Feeling Overwhelmed

Being a sleep deprived parent is overwhelming and a simple challenge it self. If you are in need of sleep and simply confused, not sure which packages to choice because it feels like a blur just schedule a free !5 minute discovery call and rest assured we will pick a right one for your you to overcome your sleep struggles. 

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