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pediatric sleep coach newborn care specialist

Double up on sleep and snuggles


Hey there, I'm Marianna. Welcome to my stunning website. I am hoping you'll have fun exploring  and navigating will be a breeze. I believe the reason why you showed is because you believe your family's emotional prosperity depends on sleep! But, your little rascal doesn't sleep and neither do you. Your emotional prosperity is running on  low.  It's ok. With my personalized approach I will get your whole family on the path to restful sleep in no time! Double up on sleep and snuggles!

I believe when you focus on sleep, sleep gets better.  So if you're ready to be committed to consistency and change,

you can then say goodbye to sleepless nights.


I am thrilled to announce that soon I will be offering Postpartum Doula services.   Please sign up below if you would be interested in this service and would like to know more. 

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A Personalized Approach

While residing and embracing the glory of the state of Hawaii I have gained a clear understanding of health, more specifically the concept of Lokahi - meaning balance and harmony.  The "Lokahi triangle" is often referred to in holistic health, meaning one is healthy when physical, mental and spiritual parts are all in harmony. This is true for adults as well as children.  As explained in detail by native Hawaiians, you can't have "Lokahi" without one or the other. 

I am sure you have heard this one before - "one cannot function without sleep"  but, it goes deeper than that. The truth is if you and your child face accumulative long term sleep deprivation, your mental health and your child's development are at stake. Your physical health is in the state of full on accumulated exhaustion that has become the norm for you, and in your head there is no space for anything spiritual.  It can get messy! 
So, in order to thrive you need to have your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being all in sync.

As a holistic coach I take into account unique needs and challenges of children and aim to address the various factors that can affect their sleep. I focus on creating a comprehensive plan that looks at a child's physical, emotional and environmental factors that may be impacting their sleep. I consider factors such as the child's bedtime routine, diet, well being, and for older children amount of exercise.  I may also address any underlying causes, conditions, or sensory sensitivities.

While sleep coaching, I typically involve working closely with parents and caregivers to develop and implement a personalized sleep plan for the child. I include strategies catered to a family's unique circumstances. 
 Lets double up on sleep and snuggles now!

Kind Words


"We hired Marianna as a Newborn Care Specialist when my daughter was born.  Shortly after, I had to go back to work and trusted Marianna entirely as she cared for my newborn majority of the day.   She made my transition back to work very smooth.  She loved my daughter, and offered utmost care daily."
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When and Why hire a Sleep Consultant ?

  • You feel overwhelmed

  • Your child wakes at night

  • You have no routine in place

  • Your child takes short naps

  • Your child is regressing 

  • You are sleep deprived


              & so much more...

My Services

Skipping naps? Facing regression? Breastfeeding and rocking your bundle of joy to sleep? ……and it’s constant day and night?  Your bundle sleeps  but YOU don’t?  


At gimme sleep you will find custom made sleep plans and one on one coaching. We will get to the root of the problem and work together to get you back on track in no time. 

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