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Life is Better with Gimme Sleep

Gimme Sleep was created wholeheartedly for Parents  because we believe every Family along with every Newborn welcomed into this world deserves the BEST start possible.
We are an agency dedicated to Expecting, Postpartum, Working and Sleep Deprived families. New Parents who live away from their families and friends who seek and are in need of dedicated  support because, Motherhood doesn't come with a manual. It is the only job that most often requires 24/7 you don't get trained for and is unpaid!  Here at Gimme Sleep we are here for you 24/7.

Whether, you are in need of Newborn, Postpartum Doula Care or Pediatric Sleep Coaching we are here to embrace , guide and educate you in any given hour of the day, a midnight!
Our overnight shifts are very popular.

As a Postpartum Doula -Newborn Care Specialist and a holistic Pediatric Sleep Coach I take into account unique needs and challenges of postpartum families, infants and children and aim to address the various factors that can affect their overall mental and physical well being.

Explore abundance of our services now.

                                                                     Double up on sleep and snuggles!
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The Lokahi Way


While residing and embracing the glory of the state of Hawaii I have gained a clear understanding of health, more specifically the concept of Lokahi - meaning balance and harmony.  The "Lokahi triangle" is often referred to in holistic health, meaning one is healthy when physical, mental and spiritual parts are all in harmony. This is true for adults as well as children.  As explained in detail by native Hawaiians, you can't have "Lokahi" without one or the other. 

Kind Words


"We hired Marianna as a Newborn Care Specialist when my daughter was born.  Shortly after, I had to go back to work and trusted Marianna entirely as she cared for my newborn majority of the day.   She made my transition back to work very smooth.  She loved my daughter, and offered utmost care daily."
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When should YOU hire Gimme Sleep?

  • You are overwhelmed 

  • You need newborn care

  • You need postpartum support 

  • You are a working individual 

  • You have no family support near by  

  • You are sleep deprived

  • You need lactation support 

  • Your child doesn't sleep

  • You crave nutritious meal


              & so much more...

Abundance of Services 

At Gimme Sleep you will find abundance of support and services  pertaining to Postpartum, Doula,  Newborn Care, Pediatric Sleep, custom made sleep plans  one on one coaching. We are glad you're here. 


Elevate your Motherhood

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