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Baby's Clutch

Newborn Care


My role as  a Newborn Care Specialist involves providing emotional support and reassurance to new parents as they navigate the challenges ans adjustments that come with caring for their newborn bundle of joy. embarking on the path to motherhood and parenthood is exciting and extremely stimulating at the same time.  I offer immediate care after birth up to 12 weeks of life. With more than a decade of experience, embracing families and caring for newborns, I know how important sleep and postpartum  support is. With my care, dedication, love for families and newborns I bring in expertise, guidance, and much needed support.


With that, I embrace every night and day and provide utmost care for you and your newborn bundle of joy. 

I typically work  based on a temporary but family's unique needs, providing overnight, daily support, simply round-the-clock care, allowing parents to get much needed rest and support during early stages of parenthood. I love every minute of it.

Services are billed hourly. 

I am equipped with decades of expertise and assist families with:

  • Diapering 

  • Newborn feedings

  • Lactation support 

  • Bathing

  • Soothing

  • Swaddling 

  • Parental education 

  • Colic baby 

  • Purple Cry soothing

  • Executing routine 

  • Umbilical care

  • Infant sleep tips 

  • Nursery organizing 

  •  Nursery assessment 

  • Bottle sterilization

  • Breast milk storage

  • Infection care

  • Circumcision care 

  • Baby laundry 

  • Lots of snuggles 



Kind Words


"We hired Marianna as a Newborn Care Specialist when my daughter was born.  Shortly after, I had to go back to work and trusted Marianna entirely as she cared for my newborn majority of the day.   She made my transition back to work very smooth.  She loved my daughter, and offered utmost care daily."

Feeling Overwhelmed

Being a sleep deprived parent is overwhelming and a simple challenge it self. If you are in need of sleep and simply confused, not sure which packages to choice because it feels like a blur just schedule a free !5 minute discovery call and rest assured we will pick a right one for your you to overcome your sleep struggles. 

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